Balderamos Insurance Services Ltd.

About Us

Balderamos Insurance Services Ltd. started as a dream back in 1996. Eddie Balderamos, founder and still Chief Executive Officer of the company had been involved with the Life Insurance business for more than 10 years, and then in general insurance for another 15 years. His reputation as a person true to his word and always willing to help people, went a long way in helping to start the company off on a good footing. Eddie established Balderamos Insurance Services on 1st July 1996 and began working out of his home until his office space was refurbished at The Capital Life Building on Eastern Avenue in George Town, Grand Cayman. His staff consisted of his wife Olive, and his daughter Dawn Marie, part time secretary and accountant respectively. B.I.S. was appointed by NEMWIL as their second agent in the Cayman Islands and continues to operate in that capacity today.

Since then the company has had a steady growth in new business, and is very well respected as a leading Insurance Agency in the Cayman Islands. Because of the very small population in the Cayman Islands, personal references became our largest and best form of advertisement, personal service very quickly becoming one of the attributes we are best known for. We often have our clients tell us that it is still nice to be able to speak directly to the boss when they call us.

In late 1997, Olive Balderamos, Eddie's wife who is a Medical Technologist, gave up her own business to assist Eddie full time at B.I.S. and has become an integral part of the operation, performing the administrative functions of the office. Her major contribution was to ensure that the business utilized every possible tool on the market to create the most efficient and technologically adequate working environment. In order to do this she went back to school in the evenings in order to learn computer skills which would enhance her office work.

In early 2000, the Agency was also appointed agents for American Life Insurance Company, which presented the opportunity for further growth in the area of Life Insurance and better equipping the agency to fully serve our client’s needs. This representation continued until ALICO opened their branch office in Grand Cayman.

We have gone from a 2 office environment to a spacious 5 office, 2 worker reception area. We overlook the airport in Grand Cayman, and are 2 minutes away from the central business district where most of our banks and government administrative offices are located. This location puts us in an ideal place for most of our clients to reach us during business hours, and has enhanced our visibility. Our staff has also grown over the years, and besides his wife, now also includes two of Eddie’s children, William and Andrea. The Agency continues to pride itself in giving high quality personal service to its clients, and as a result 95% of new business continues to come from personal referred leads.